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Treachery & Triumph: The Blog Tour!

It is my pleasure to share my blog with my friend, fellow Rave Waves Blog Talk Radio host, and Rave Reviews Book Club colleague John Fioravanti. Take it away, John…
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Nonnie Returns To Genesis – Episode 1
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T&T Blog Tour – Episode 1



Several months ago, renowned interviewer and author, Nonnie Jules, accompanied author, John Fioravanti to planet Genesis seven centuries into the future. Dr. John, as he’s called on Genesis, possesses unusual teleportation powers, which he uses to travel through time and space. He can travel with another person just by laying his hand upon them.


Now, John has returned to Nonnie’s office at 4 Wills Publishing to propose another journey. John is gazing about the room, taking in the redecoration that has taken place since his last visit, while Nonnie observes him thoughtfully over her steaming cup of coffee.


Nonnie:  Why do I have the feeling that this is not just a social call, John?”


John: You wound me, Nonnie! Really, I…”


Nonnie: (cuts him off)


“I’m happy to see y’all, but I have too much work here to go traipsing around the universe…”


John: (observes her over the rim of his cup)


“Alright, no cat and mouse games! (Nonnie gasps and recoils in horror) Oh, sorry about the feline reference, Nonnie. I forgot you hate cats. I came today because the Earther Ambassador, Andra Ursla returned Marco Rossini home to Genesis in her mighty battleship. And they docked at Genesis One.”


Nonnie: I’m almost afraid to ask… how would you know this and what does this have to do with me? I have all these book trailers to…”


John: (Smiles at his friend, then looks down at his watch)


“Nonnie, you told me on our last trip to Genesis that you’d love to get a tour of Genesis One. ArcGeneral Graham Manchester is the CO of all six orbitals and has agreed to give us a personal tour in… 20 minutes.”


Nonnie: (Her eyes narrow as she prepares to scold her friend)


“Twenty minutes! Who do you think you are? Why would you do that without consulting me first? This business is no mom and pop operation and you know that!”


John: (Shrugs, gets to his feet, puts his mug on her desk and walks to her chair)


“I’m sorry… I thought you’d jump at the chance.


(He turns to leave her office, but she rises quickly and reaches for his arm to stop his progress… and they both disappear! The next instant, they are standing in a corridor on deck five outside the door of the CO’s suite of offices.)


Nonnie: (Barely containing her exasperation as she removes her hand from his forearm. She is in mild shock because of the unexpected trip through time and space, so her voice comes out as a hoarse whisper.)


“John! Where… are… we? I didn’t sign up for this…”


John: (Tries to calm her.)


“I’m sorry, Nonnie. As I was leaving your office, I decided to come here to the orbital and cancel our appointment. When you touched me…”


Nonnie: (Takes a few deep breaths to steady herself, closes her eyes for a few seconds and then opens them to check out their surroundings. She knows from previous trips with John that she is safe enough.)


“Yes, I know… I shouldn’t have touched you. I just didn’t want you to leave angry.”


(Just then, a tall, blond officer in uniform who appears to be in his early thirties, emerges from the doorway into the corridor. Upon spotting John, he grinns and walks briskly over to them.)


Manchester: “Dr. John, welcome to Genesis One! Who is your lovely friend?”


Nonnie: (Disarmed by the ArcGeneral’s charm, Nonnie decides to introduce herself.)


“Sir, I am Nonnie Jules and I’m a writer. You may address me as Nonnie. Are you ArcGeneral Manchester?”


(John stands by smiling as Nonnie takes charge of the situation.)


Manchester: (His smile gives way to a grin as he delightedly takes Nonnie’s hand and enfolds it in both of his.)


“Quite right, dear lady! But my friends call me Graham. I’d like you to see our newly refurbished orbital and you can ask whatever you like.”


(For the next 60 minutes, the ArcGeneral plays tour guide on all levels of the orbital ending up in his spacious office. The three of them take chairs around a small coffee table while an aide brings them refreshments. Nonnie stands to greet the ArcLieutenant as she places the tray on the table.)


Nonnie: “Hello! How are you today?”


Graham: “Excuse my poor manners! ArcLieutenant Shirley Slattery, this is Dr. John’s writer friend, Nonnie Jules.”


ArcLieutenant: (Smiles warmly at Nonnie and turns to Graham)


“Permission to speak freely sir?”  (Graham nods assent and Shirley turns back to Nonnie)

“You’re really a writer?” (She reaches for Nonnie’s hand and Nonnie lets her take it in her own)

“I want to be a writer too! I’d just love to talk to you about it!”


Nonnie: “I’d like that too, but I never know where I’ll end up from one moment to another. (She looks at John and gives him a disapproving look.) I’ll ask John to set something up next time we visit Genesis One.


(The ArcLieutenant leaves after thanking Nonnie for her kindness. Nonnie wishes her luck with her writing and then turns to address Graham.)


“Graham, John… I mean, Dr. John… tells me that the Vice President has returned fully recovered from his near-fatal injuries. Do you think he’s psychologically ready to take on those Rouge thugs?”


Graham: (Raises his eyebrows in surprise, then realizes that John probably briefed her)


“I really think he returned to us… ah… how shall I put it… a stronger leader.”


Nonnie: “Do you think so? Tell me why.”


Graham: “He spent a lot of time with First Lord Setter Caine on Earth, and I could see that Setter had a profound impact on Marco. He came back to us more confident and very determined – I could see it in his face, and hear it in his words. He’s a changed man – a better man than he was before.”


Nonnie: “Really! I’m glad to hear that. John and I spent several hours with him in his home shortly after he was elected. He was a very sweet man that day but I wondered about his confidence. Can you tell me something about the new ambassador from Earth?”


Graham: “Admiral Andra Ursla… you’ll love her, Nonnie.”


Nonnie: “What makes you so sure? What’s she like?”


Graham: (Chuckles) “Big… really big! Andra is a Kodiak bear who stands over 9 feet tall and her weight is north of 900 pounds. She is one of the smartest and most capable warriors of the Earther Navy. The Admiral knows no fear. She loves humans and she’s very close to President Hastings. She’s also very protective of her friends…”


Nonnie: “She sounds like my kind of woman… er… Earther!”


(She reaches for John’s arm to get his attention and… they both disappear leaving ArcGeneral Manchester shaking his head in wonder!)   



Join us tomorrow for Nonnie’s next stop on Genesis!






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“100 Things We All Wonder About Nonnie Jules” Blog Tour

It is truly my pleasure and honor to present Rave Reviews Book Club president Nonnie Jules here on my blog today! It’s all yours, Nonnie…




Anyone who purchases a copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and send to me a copy of the purchase receipt to, and also leave a comment along the tour, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!  One entry for each book that is purchased, whether in e-book or paperback format.  Purchases must take place between 2/14/16 – 2/29/16.  If you’ve already purchased all of my books, then feel free to gift a friend, just for the chance to win!!!  Spend a little, and you could win a lot!!!


Anyone who reads and posts a review of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and sends the link to their review to, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!  One entry for each book read and reviewed.  Reviews must be posted between 2/16/16 – 3/15/16 to be placed into the drawing.


Q:  What triggered the writer in you?

A:  I don’t really know what woke up that giant, but I’ve always loved words and I think if you love words the way I love words, how can you not want to write them?

Q:  You’ve written a novel, a non-fiction book and a collection of poetry.  Which genre is your favorite?

A:  Poetry, hands down is my favorite!  It was my first love and also the area I started writing in, many years ago.

Q:  Is there a genre of writing you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to attempt?

A:  Yes, the one that I AM GOING TO WRITE UNDER, is Sci-Fi only because I like the way John Fioravanti writes it.  I really don’t think I’ve ever read another Sci-Fi book quite like his, and his is good.  I can’t let him top me, either.  #We’reAlwaysCompetingAgainstEachOther

Q:   I know how much you value your privacy—and that is refreshing in this day and age.  But, would you ever consider being a guest on a RAVE WAVES program?

A:  Yes, I do value my privacy, actually, I think more people should, and YES, I have promised John Fioravanti an interview!  Hopefully, he’ll disappear before I have to follow thru on that promise, so, you all stay tuned and if you should happen to notice John’s gone missing, the cat did it!!!

Q:  You’ve built RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB into a worldwide brand in just over two years.  That takes a lot of energy, foresight and thought.  Hollywood has made movies about Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.  Who is going to play the role of Nonnie Jules in the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB movie?

A:  Well, Beem, thank you so much for that compliment!  It’s nice to know that you think someone would even waste their time making a movie about me, but, without a doubt, the only soul whose fierceness and confidence matches mine:  Angelina Jolie would have to play the part!  I’m not a really big fan of her acting, although I think she’s good, but it’s her personal side that I admire.  She’s an advocate, she (appears) to love children and she stands by her convictions.  Others opinions of her, matters not to her, and that’s what I love most about her!  #Fierce!

To follow Nonnie’s tour and to get more of your questions answered, please visit her Blog Tour Page on the 4WillsPub site  Thanks for stopping by today and good luck on winning some of these great prizes!






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1If Only There Was Music book cover





Pre-Sale Now Open

You can be among the first to pre-order your very own copy of The High Road, the new memoir from Country Music Hall of Fame drummer Mark Herndon. Just visit to place your order.

Pre-Sale Post 600 X 452

THR-33 Carolina Coliseum Taller A+ 2000 X 1716

Find Mark Herndon on:


Fresh Ink Group

Mark Herndon Website

Have You Met … Jenny & David?

Jenny Hinsman

Jenny Hinsman photo

She is the author of a past Book of the Month selection entitled:  ANGEL OF DEATH and another title: SOULS: A NOVEL.  Jenny graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in business. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, two sons, a furry son (pet dog) and a furry daughter (pet cat). Jenny is an avid reader and loves to escape with a great book. She is a huge animal lover and supports rescue organizations that help save all kinds of four-legged family members and more. All of her family pets have been rescues.


Jennifer is an extremely supportive member of RRBC and you will find her most often visiting everyone’s blog tour, AND leaving her signature stamp behind…a comment. Now, how many of us can say that we usually take the time to perform that little selfless gesture of support?  Well, Jennifer does!  It should come as no surprise to anyone that her Twitter feed is filled with support of her fellow members.  If you’re not following this treat, you better hurry, as she is one of the best of the best! (@JennyHinsman1 and on FaceBook). Do pick up a copy of one of her books and stop by theANGEL OF DEATH trailer on YouTube.  Once you visit the trailer, I assure you, you’ll want to run out and get your copy of “that” book!


David Calder

Well, if you’re from New Zealand, you just might be his relative because that’s where he was born.  He was educated at Auckland University, as a visiting scholar at Princeton, and at Pasadena City College.  He’s a keen outdoorsman and lover of nature, music, family, history, politics and good writing (now that’s my kind of guy!).  David served in the NZ army during the Vietnam era, he has been a member of pop and rock’n roll bands, and has had careers in the US car and software industries.  He has resided in New Jersey, the Netherlands, UK, California and Washington State through the 70’s and 80’s.  Since 1995, he has divided his time between NZ and Los Angeles as a full-time novelist, poet and short-story teller.  This is one busy (traveling) guy!


David writes about action and adventure, Israel and Israeli politics, the Middle Eastern conflict and terrorism in all its different shades of evil.  He has authored a few books:   “THE CHILDREN OF THE NAKBA,” and “REDEMPTION COVE.”  He’d love it if you’d pick up one of his titles, and share your opinions of his writing via a review on Amazon.


David has been a member of RRBC since January, 2016, and already he has gotten off to a great start!  He’s uber-supportive of his fellow members.  He recently sent Nonnie a message to say that“the site and everyone I’ve met, have been great!”  Just what we like to hear, David!


Please follow him on Twitter @DavidKiwiWriter and on his website!

RRBC Spotlight Author Jan Hawke

Hello again, dear readers. It is my privilege to host Rave Reviews Book Club’Spotlight Author. This incredible honor goes to indie author Jan Hawke.  Take it away, Jan…

jan hawke bio pic my download

The future is prehistoric

Well, it is in my work in progress, book 1 of Tomes of the HavenLands: Storm Shadow. Though set well into a murky galactic future, the fantasy is archaic in that it’s loosely derived from Arthurian legend, with romantic focus on the Arthur-Morgause dynamic and their relationship with Merlin. All three main characters are supernaturally gifted with various magical powers such as seeing into the future, controlling animals, and, in the lady’s case, the ability to shape-shift…


The adolescent she-lionpard* stood motionless at the edge of Dergpwll, the moonlit cloud shadows falling darkest blue over blood-soaked predator and her slain prey, the dry wind soughing through the boulders and the high dunes around them.

Feyæth let the dream unroll as always. It was pointless trying to evade it, for this night she must sleep and so she kept the tortuous vigil for Nuithen’s father as she had on that night, so long ago. She shivered in her sleep inside the wisent hide cone-lodge, invaded by the cold night air of Ardtarn even as she had done out in that desert, despite the soft mottled golden fur she had worn then for the very first time, as her dream traced the beast’s numbed, murderous stride into the glinting, silent waterhole.

Again she felt the cool of the waters wash away the blood and flesh from her gaping maw and fangs, soaking the lionpard’s hide to her shoulders until she had completely submerged herself. Only then did she allow herself to float without stirring a muscle, barely trying to keep her nostrils out of the water. Wanting to drown away the memory of what she had just done and her life with it…

Had she really started to drown, or was it just the dream? She felt she was choking, her lungs burning, her head throbbing with pain as a great light seemed to sear her insides and then to seep out of her skin in a long, drawn out, excruciating sigh, as she had diminished and then struggled for air, the taste of bile strong in her mouth. Her human mouth once more.

The dream went on and she allowed it, though she could hear herself sobbing far off, whether it was in that night-cold desert or beside the icy moorland lake. It didn’t matter whether her face was wet with water or tears, as her younger self slowly staggered naked from the water to look down on the man she had once thought was her father. Her eyes went first to where she had ripped out his throat. The ruins of torn flesh, the blood no longer spurting, though it pooled all around his head and chest, not yet congealed as the sands cooled in the night wind. Her fingers, pale and trembling, reached out for his face, but then flinched away from the great lacerations made by her panic-stricken nails, that had lengthened and curled into vicious black claws as the metamorphosis had carried her away into fury, then madness, as she had savaged his visage. Ripping out those blazing, hate-filled eyes that had finally gaped in terror at the hellish transformation he had deliberately provoked – inflicted upon her, as he drove her into the horrifying maelstrom of extremis…


A lionpard is a ‘retro-gelf’ animal, in appearance like a super-sized lion but with leopard-like rosettes and heavily furred for the cold desert climate of the Wastes of Great Hafn which, like our Gobi Desert, has extremes of heat and cold so it has snow on the dunes at times (ever wondered why Bactrian Camels have such shaggy coats?). Nuithen is Feyæth’s brother if you need to know…


Jan Hawke is the author of

Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey

Available on Amazon

 jan hawke Milele Safari

Follow Jan Hawke on Social Media


Twitter handle: @JanHawke



Country Music Hall of Fame Drummer Set to Release Memoir


“THE HIGH ROAD: Memories from a Long Trip”
Legendary Drummer Shares Life Story With Personal Memoirs
From Fresh Ink Group

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 4, 2016) – Music industry veteran and legendary drummer Mark Herndon is poised to introduce his autobiography entitled
“The High Road: Memories from a Long Trip” * (published by Fresh Ink Group, Roanoke, TX). The intimate collection of personal memoirs–spotlighting the highlights and lowlights of his life journey and music career–will be available April 1, 2016.

Herndon on Drums Framed Lighter

Having spent more than two decades on the road, entertaining before millions, with one of the world’s most well known super groups (ALABAMA), Mark Herndon has become an iconic member of the country music sector. His extraordinary talents earned him a Commendation of Excellence for “long and outstanding contribution to the world of American music” (BMI) and recognition as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame (2005).

A lifetime in the making, “The High Road” offers recollections and insight into Mark’s childhood as a military brat, parental bonds, his romantic and marital relationships, travels around the world as an aviator and entertainer, and everything in between.

“I began writing this book as a collection of my life memories to share with my daughter. I had longingly wished that my dad shared his stories with me, and I didn’t want my daughter to live with that same regret,” Herndon said. “Sure enough, after putting pen to paper, recollections flowed and I had enough copy to make a manuscript. I became confident enough in my story and with positive encouragement and inquiry from loyal fans, I decided to share the story of my life on written page.”

Herndon Cocky Banner 800 X 437

A combination of iron determination and old-fashioned luck, The High Road” reveals Herndon’s life chapters including excerpts from his childhood, living and creating havoc on the many bases where he resided during his youth, his first female encounter, his military flight training, the birth of his daughter, breaking into the business and the break from his wife, and his life on the road to become an integral dimension of a four-part country music phenomenon.

With chapter titles such as “Unsung Heroes,” “Livin’ on the Edge,” “The Music Mill” and “Looks Like ‘We’ Made It,” Herndon illuminates the mystery behind the “most awarded band in country music history,” its cultivation and his conclusion.

The author’s wit, humor and candor sets the pace for a seamlessly delightful read as Herndon speaks of his struggle to find acceptance, to overcome addiction, to discover his place and worth in his existence, and, ultimately, surrendering to redemption with forgiveness.

“The High Road: Memories from a Long Trip” will be available in print and digital ebook editions via all major online retail outlets beginning Friday, April 1, 2016.  As a special “Thank You” to the fans, Herndon is hosting a “limited time/limited quantity” pre-sale offer beginning, Monday, February 15, 2016.  Enthusiastic readers can be the first to purchase a personalized, autographed soft copy or digital version via PRE-SALE: Personalized-autographed soft copy: $12.99 (incl. shipping*)/digital copy: $5.99.  (*Includes shipping to the continental United States only. International shipping fees will apply.)

Mark will personally introduce the publication as part of his participation in Country Radio Semnar-2016 in Nashville (Feb. 8-10).

THR-City Park Herndon Statue CAPTIONED 1259 X 2000

I’m Not Crazy … I’m Allergic! (Blog Tour)

Hello, readers. I am pleased to welcome author Sherilyn Powers to Beem’s Blog today. Her post is both informative and entertaining. So take it away, Sherilyn…

book cover titled

I Don’t Have Allergies (Anymore)

Our bodies are miraculously adaptive.  We all know, if you were to put sugar in your car’s gas tank, it would die. Quickly.

Sugar isn’t that good for the human vehicle either, and yet according to the USDA according to “Do you know how much sugar you’re eating?” ( we use a whopping “One hundred and fifty-six pounds” per person per year.

And yet we still expect our bodies to keep going, with lots of stress and adding caffeine and not eating properly and not ever cleaning our ‘vehicles’ out with high octane ‘gas’ or giving it vitamins.

The crazy thing is, for most people, their bodies do go on like this for years! They adapt and continue to adapt until they just can’t adapt anymore and the person ends up with a stroke, heart failure, diabetes or a ton of other debilitating conditions.

So is it any wonder that a miracle machine like our bodies could “adapt” to other perceived poisons/toxins and instead of the classic sneezing, itchy eyes or asthma that we once got as children, our physical allergy symptoms morph into other reactions that aren’t quite so noticeable or at least we don’t attribute them to an allergy?

I have talked to hundreds of people who tell me that they used to have allergies but they outgrew them. They think they are really lucky, until we talk a little more and they tell me they have unexplained bouts of coughing, even though they don’t have a cold and all these mysterious sinus headaches that come and go without warning, or even migraines.  And let’s not forget the angry red patch on the side of their neck that’s “oh, just a rash I get once in a while”.

These may not be the reactions we had as youngsters but that doesn’t mean that our bodies aren’t still struggling with the same things.  As we get older, our taste buds change, our sense of humour changes, our taste in music changes, and our bodies’ abilities to adapt to or deal with illness/injury change as well.

One thing I noticed with “Julie”, from my book I’m Not Crazy… I’m Allergic!, is that she would start sneezing when she was first exposed to an allergen and then would very quickly stop. The rest of her symptoms (inflammation, pain, headache, fibromyalgia pain, mood swings, depression, crying) would continue to get worse until she either took an antihistamine or rode it out for a few days.  If she took the antihistamine we could see the symptoms subsiding a little quicker and they would go in reverse of the  order they had come on. When she would start sneezing again she knew she was almost better and just about over the reaction. Sneezing was her first and last sign, and her body seemed unable to sneeze when she was really overwhelmed with a reaction.

So if you used to have allergies as a kid, and you outgrew them, but now you are having issues with tiredness, headaches, migraines, rashes, psoriasis, pain that comes and goes for no reason, anxiety, or depression that is long term and unexplained, it wouldn’t hurt to see if those allergies really are gone! Reducing the allergens/sensitivities your body is dealing with, at the very least will give it more energy and adaptability to deal with all the other things you have going on in your life!

IMG_6811_pp (2)

Find Sherilyn Powers on social media:
Twitter:  @SPowersINCIA
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Join Sherilyn at her Author Event on Sunday, February 7th at 12pm CST by visiting
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View the book trailer for “I’M NOT CRAZY…I’M ALLERGIC”
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