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I’m Not Crazy … I’m Allergic! (Blog Tour)

Hello, readers. I am pleased to welcome author Sherilyn Powers to Beem’s Blog today. Her post is both informative and entertaining. So take it away, Sherilyn…

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I Don’t Have Allergies (Anymore)

Our bodies are miraculously adaptive.  We all know, if you were to put sugar in your car’s gas tank, it would die. Quickly.

Sugar isn’t that good for the human vehicle either, and yet according to the USDA according to “Do you know how much sugar you’re eating?” (http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=56589) we use a whopping “One hundred and fifty-six pounds” per person per year.

And yet we still expect our bodies to keep going, with lots of stress and adding caffeine and not eating properly and not ever cleaning our ‘vehicles’ out with high octane ‘gas’ or giving it vitamins.

The crazy thing is, for most people, their bodies do go on like this for years! They adapt and continue to adapt until they just can’t adapt anymore and the person ends up with a stroke, heart failure, diabetes or a ton of other debilitating conditions.

So is it any wonder that a miracle machine like our bodies could “adapt” to other perceived poisons/toxins and instead of the classic sneezing, itchy eyes or asthma that we once got as children, our physical allergy symptoms morph into other reactions that aren’t quite so noticeable or at least we don’t attribute them to an allergy?

I have talked to hundreds of people who tell me that they used to have allergies but they outgrew them. They think they are really lucky, until we talk a little more and they tell me they have unexplained bouts of coughing, even though they don’t have a cold and all these mysterious sinus headaches that come and go without warning, or even migraines.  And let’s not forget the angry red patch on the side of their neck that’s “oh, just a rash I get once in a while”.

These may not be the reactions we had as youngsters but that doesn’t mean that our bodies aren’t still struggling with the same things.  As we get older, our taste buds change, our sense of humour changes, our taste in music changes, and our bodies’ abilities to adapt to or deal with illness/injury change as well.

One thing I noticed with “Julie”, from my book I’m Not Crazy… I’m Allergic!, is that she would start sneezing when she was first exposed to an allergen and then would very quickly stop. The rest of her symptoms (inflammation, pain, headache, fibromyalgia pain, mood swings, depression, crying) would continue to get worse until she either took an antihistamine or rode it out for a few days.  If she took the antihistamine we could see the symptoms subsiding a little quicker and they would go in reverse of the  order they had come on. When she would start sneezing again she knew she was almost better and just about over the reaction. Sneezing was her first and last sign, and her body seemed unable to sneeze when she was really overwhelmed with a reaction.

So if you used to have allergies as a kid, and you outgrew them, but now you are having issues with tiredness, headaches, migraines, rashes, psoriasis, pain that comes and goes for no reason, anxiety, or depression that is long term and unexplained, it wouldn’t hurt to see if those allergies really are gone! Reducing the allergens/sensitivities your body is dealing with, at the very least will give it more energy and adaptability to deal with all the other things you have going on in your life!

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