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  1. Mik Hetu

    Mr. Weeks!

    Between this blog and your two Twitter accounts, you’re doing quite a bit of good for all of us Indie Authors, so in case you haven’t heard it lately, THANKS!

    With a quote from Sophocles in mind (“If we always helped one another, no one would need luck.”), I’ve started the Indie Book Boosters Club and its sub-site Pro Story Tour. The idea behind them is simple and similar to what you’re doing: instead of each of us standing alone out in the cold shouting “Buy MY book! Somebody, somebody BUY MY BOOK!”, we all stay where it’s warm and whisper, “Hey, READ this OTHER author’s book . . . and his . . . and hers . . . and . . . ” We already have two best-selling authors as members, and we’re going to MAKE some of our other members bestsellers . . .

    So, consider this your official invitation to join us!
    Mik Hetu

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    1. beemweeks Post author

      Thanks for the invite, Mike. I’m actually involved in a club that’s similar to yours. Rave Reviews Book Club functions in a similar fashion. But I appreciate the invite! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


  2. B Alan Bourgeois


    You may want to know about Texas Authors, Inc (txauthors.com) a non-profit that supports and markets Texas authors. Their membership is 90% indie authors 10 % traditional. They start their sux year and have been very creative in creating events and programs for Authors.

    One such program is Authors Marketing Event http://Author.Marketing. Originally designed for Texas Authors, they have opened their programs to ALL indie authors wanting to learn how to better market and sell their books.

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  3. alice

    Hi, I really love your work and would like to invite you at STRIM.

    Basically, readers get a sneak peek streaming of your work and you’ll get monthly revenue.
    Would you like to save your spot at strim.us?

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    1. TheIndieSpot Post author

      Thank you for the follow. I will keep you in mind for an interview. I sometimes do Q & A here on my blog. I also have a live podcast every Wednesday night. We do have several guests lined up there at the moment. But I will add you to my list of potential guests. If you’re interested in doing a Q & A here on my blog, I’ll be glad to send you some questions. Let me know. My email is beem@FreshInkGroup.com.


  4. Esther O'Neill

    Was anybody else here directed to indie publishing by an ex WWII codebreaker ?
    Took me some time to try their suggestion.. In their own words:
    . Publishing has changed., You’ve no time to lose. Do it now. ‘

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