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Author Spotlight: Beem Weeks

I want to thank the incredible C. Desert Rose for this wonderful opportunity!

C. Desert Rose, Author

Hello Dear Friends,

Today I am giving a Spotlight to an outstanding author and amazing columnist, Beem Weeks. He is a member of the All Authors Family, and has a column in the Magazine called “Short Story Station” and trust me when I tell you that it’s a column you don’t want to miss.

Okay … I will shut up now and let you bask in the awesomeness that is Mr. Beem Weeks.


Author Bio:Beem Photo Cropped Color Edit

Beem Weeks is the author of short stories, poems, essays, and novels. Among his literary influences he counts Daniel Woodrell, Barbara Kingsolver, and Stephen Geez. A pop-culture trivia buff, Beem’s passions include indie films, loud music, and a well-told story. He has also penned a collection of short stories entitled Slivers of Life.

A+ Jazz Baby 2 Front CoverBlurb:

While all of Mississippi bakes in the scorching summer of 1925, sudden orphanhood wraps its icy embrace around pretty Emily…

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Meet The All Authors Family: Beem Weeks

A huge thank you to Adonis Mann for this amazing opportunity!

Greetings Beloveds,

I decided to take the month of March as a sort of introduction to All Authors. That is to say, I want you to meet each member that composes the All Authors P&P family. Today my guest is Indie Author, Columnist and Radio Blog Author Interviewer, Mr. Beem Weeks.


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Author Bio

Beem Weeks is the 40-something-year-old indie author of several short stories, poems, essays, and the historical fiction/coming-of-age novel Jazz Baby. A divorced father of two grown children, Beem has lived in Florida and Georgia, and is currently calling Michigan home. Among his literary influences he counts Daniel Woodrell, Barbara Kingsolver, and Stephen Geez. He’s been writing since childhood, having co-authored a play he saw performed by and for classmates and staff during his time in fifth grade. As a teenager and young adult, Beem wrote concert and record reviews for a small publication. Journalism had been…

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