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Hello again, dear readers. It is my privilege to host Rave Reviews Book Club’Spotlight Author. This incredible honor goes to indie author Jan Hawke.  Take it away, Jan…

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The future is prehistoric

Well, it is in my work in progress, book 1 of Tomes of the HavenLands: Storm Shadow. Though set well into a murky galactic future, the fantasy is archaic in that it’s loosely derived from Arthurian legend, with romantic focus on the Arthur-Morgause dynamic and their relationship with Merlin. All three main characters are supernaturally gifted with various magical powers such as seeing into the future, controlling animals, and, in the lady’s case, the ability to shape-shift…


The adolescent she-lionpard* stood motionless at the edge of Dergpwll, the moonlit cloud shadows falling darkest blue over blood-soaked predator and her slain prey, the dry wind soughing through the boulders and the high dunes around them.

Feyæth let the dream unroll as always. It was pointless trying to evade it, for this night she must sleep and so she kept the tortuous vigil for Nuithen’s father as she had on that night, so long ago. She shivered in her sleep inside the wisent hide cone-lodge, invaded by the cold night air of Ardtarn even as she had done out in that desert, despite the soft mottled golden fur she had worn then for the very first time, as her dream traced the beast’s numbed, murderous stride into the glinting, silent waterhole.

Again she felt the cool of the waters wash away the blood and flesh from her gaping maw and fangs, soaking the lionpard’s hide to her shoulders until she had completely submerged herself. Only then did she allow herself to float without stirring a muscle, barely trying to keep her nostrils out of the water. Wanting to drown away the memory of what she had just done and her life with it…

Had she really started to drown, or was it just the dream? She felt she was choking, her lungs burning, her head throbbing with pain as a great light seemed to sear her insides and then to seep out of her skin in a long, drawn out, excruciating sigh, as she had diminished and then struggled for air, the taste of bile strong in her mouth. Her human mouth once more.

The dream went on and she allowed it, though she could hear herself sobbing far off, whether it was in that night-cold desert or beside the icy moorland lake. It didn’t matter whether her face was wet with water or tears, as her younger self slowly staggered naked from the water to look down on the man she had once thought was her father. Her eyes went first to where she had ripped out his throat. The ruins of torn flesh, the blood no longer spurting, though it pooled all around his head and chest, not yet congealed as the sands cooled in the night wind. Her fingers, pale and trembling, reached out for his face, but then flinched away from the great lacerations made by her panic-stricken nails, that had lengthened and curled into vicious black claws as the metamorphosis had carried her away into fury, then madness, as she had savaged his visage. Ripping out those blazing, hate-filled eyes that had finally gaped in terror at the hellish transformation he had deliberately provoked – inflicted upon her, as he drove her into the horrifying maelstrom of extremis…


A lionpard is a ‘retro-gelf’ animal, in appearance like a super-sized lion but with leopard-like rosettes and heavily furred for the cold desert climate of the Wastes of Great Hafn which, like our Gobi Desert, has extremes of heat and cold so it has snow on the dunes at times (ever wondered why Bactrian Camels have such shaggy coats?). Nuithen is Feyæth’s brother if you need to know…


Jan Hawke is the author of

Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey

Available on Amazon

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Twitter handle: @JanHawke



44 thoughts on “Spotlight Author Jan Hawke

  1. Sue Bridgwater

    Reblogged this on Skorn and commented:
    Rave Reviews Book Club’s Spotlight Author Jan Hawke finishes her tour here and lets us into more about her exciting new Fantasy series. Unmissable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan Hawke

      I’ve had such a lovely time this week with all my friends, old and new, Sue – it’s certainly buoying me up to do some serious HavenLands writing over the coming months so hopefully I’ll make a 2016 publish date for Bk 1 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. johnfioravanti

    What a great week you’ve had, Jan – top-notch blogs and two wonderful interviews! I’m so pleased for you and honoured that I could play one small part. Looking forward to your new fantasy series! Thanks for hosting, Beem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan Hawke

      I’ve had a wonderful time John – all thanks to my brilliant hosts like yourself on-blog or on the airwaves! 😀 Your interview will always have a special place in my heart and soon will have pride of place on my blog ‘hall of infamy’ sidebar (with lots of margaritas…) 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rebecca Reilly (@RebeccaReillyL)

    Jan, Even though the genres are completely different, I see the same intricacies of plot, setting and characters in your next fantasy work as I did in Milele Safari. Congratulations, “SPOTLIGHT” Author! You gave us a great week!

    Thank you, Beem, for your continuous work supporting indie authors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan Hawke

      Beem’s done a wonderful job as usual hasn’t he! 🙂 I want to say a huge thank you to you as well Rebecca for organising this tour that’s gone by in one big beautiful blur!.
      Storm Shadow will most definitely deal with PTSD of the epic Fantasy variety – all those battles and traumatic magical assaults are bound to take their toll! lol 😀


  4. Jan Hawke

    Nobody told me there were cookies! Where are they? Where?!!! lol 😀 Thanks a whole bunch for your company all week Sherilyn – I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt from Storm Shadow 😀

    Beem… Beem? Are they chocolate chip? I’m really huuungry! 😛


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  6. ~Mar

    Such an awesome tour, Jan!! I sincerely hope you enjoyed your week in the SPOTLIGHT!! Beem, thank you so much for bringing Jan’s tour to a great close!



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