Have You Met … John & Clare?

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John is a big wig around these RRBC hallways.  First, he joined and was immediately noticed as being an awesomely supportive guy.  Then, he was nabbed as a VIP Lounge Member and starting bringing the alcohol to all the parties (he really became popular then!).  With all this popularity, we could no longer sit by and not add him to our board.  John is a huge part of our RAVE WAVES BLOGTALK Radio Team.  He is host of“SPOTLIGHT” HONORS, co-host of ASPIRE TO INSPIRE, TAG TEAM 2*4*5 and a regular fixture onAUTHOR SCOOP! He’s one of our top interviewers and he’s also one of the major go-to guys when you need help here.

John is originally from Birmingham, Michigan but now lives in Port Aransas, Texas on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s not alone on that island, his lovely wife Molly and an assortment of  loving rescue pets are there to keep this jokester in line.

He studied at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, survived being held prisoner by organized commerce (including AT&T) for over 40 years and is now a full-time writer.   John is an avid and hilarious blogger with regular features on his blog such as:  Fifty-Two Views of the Gulf, Anything Possible Tuesday, Story DayWednesday, and more days that fill each week.  Now, Monday, appears to be his day off but you often get an outrageous TOP 10 Things list on various seasonal or random topics.

Please support this “John” (as he’s one of our two favorite Johns) by picking up a copy of either, or all of his written work in his current book series, JOHN CANNON THRILLERS.  If you’re really bold, asking him to share with you the written piece that now serves as a doorstop to hold open his laundry room door.
My GRL_johnwhowell
John Howell’s Latest release…
His Revenge front final
His Revenge Book Trailer
Follow John on his Twitter @HowellWave and his blog JohnWHowell.com.
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Although originally from Hamilton, Scotland, Clare now lives in London with her husband and two young sons.  She has a history degree from Strathclyde University.  She tried to find magic in various fields, but has now decided to concentrate on her writing career, after a lifetime’s passion for reading and inventing stories, while curled up on a window seat in her local library.  She is a Fantasy Fiction Fanatic.

Her book, HEAVEN’S WAITING ROOM was an RRBC Book of the Month Selection in 2014.  Right now it is free on Kindle until the 18th of January, so run get your copy!
Heaven's Waiting Room by Clare Wilson
Her latest work is entitled THE LISTENERS (An Afterlife Novel, Book 2).

 You can connect with Clare on Twitter @StaffWielder and on her blog at StaffWielder.com, where you can find out more about other books in her series.


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