Have You Met … Marlena & Nicholas?

Marlena Hand
Have you met Marlena Hand?

Mar (as we call her), first and foremost, is our awesome, hard-working Club Secretary!  She’s also Host of the RAVE WAVES BLOGTALK Radio Show, “BUY THE BOOK.”  Her little innocent, girl-next-door persona?  Well, it’s all for real.  She’s as sweet, kind and gentle as her smile suggests, or as much as Laura was from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (or maybe that was, Mary.  Laura had a little streak in her.  Mar doesn’t!).  Mar was not a published author until the publication of our 2014 RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology.  She has some awesome pieces included there, so do check them out and sit tight while she prepares her solo debut publication later this year!  Yes, I put it out there!


Her blog, LIFE AS I KNOW IT, is always chock full of some interesting tidbit about her life, as well as serving as a spot for authors needing a host.  On her blog, she opens up about all things Marlena, even if those things are a tad bit personal.  Some of you have been wondering (some of you have even asked), why the recent change in Marlena’s last name, from Hand to Smith.  Well, if you head to her blog, right there in black and white, she shares the story.  Her story.  Her Truth.  Her Life.


Although Mar had a very rocky year last year, she has now taken control, and 2016 has brought her back, stronger than ever!  Anytime you need answers to your questions here at RRBC, Marlena is the person to talk to.  You can reach her anytime at RaveReviewsSecretary@gmail.com, do follow her on Twitter @mlh42812, as well as on her blog and her RAVE WAVES Show page.  

You haven’t met Marlena?  My gosh!  Where do you live?


Nicholas Rossis
Have you met Nicholas Rossis?

Nicholas is an ex-board member here at RRBC but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love him…we do. (I’d love him more, if he were around more, though.  Just an FYI, Nich!).  Word on the street is, is that Nicholas lives in a cottage on the edge of a magical forest in Athens, Greece.  Now, whether or not you should believe that the forest is magical, is all up to you and your little imagination.


Nicholas’ new passion is in writing children’s books.  I think that passion is going to come in handy now, as he is a NEW, first-time dad!  He and his wife recently welcomed baby Mary Natalie (if I have that wrong, it’s Nich’s fault…it’s what he told me).  
Nich and baby

Nicholas is a very supportive guy, he was before he joined our board, and he was even stronger in that department when he left.  You can find him on Twitter @Nicholas_Rossis, tweeting and RTing everyone.  If you’re not following him, well, I think you should.  I mean, not only does he have this gorgeous new bundle of joy that he’s holding above, but his wife and dog are beautiful, too!  MANY CONGRATS, NICHOLAS, from your RRBC family!




Well, awesome RRBC members, that’s all we have for now!  If you haven’t met these two, reach out and do so today!  You’ll be so glad you did because they’re simply awesome!  We have so many members in our wonderful club, that we want to introduce and showcase the talents of all of them, so that you will feel a bit closer to them and so that you have a better feel of who sits behind that Twitter handle you’re supporting.  

Until next time, again we ask that you reach out and get to know your fellow members showcased above.  Throw all your support behind them on social media, share this email with all of your contacts and ask them to show their support, as well.  I’ll leave you with a bit of good news…YOU could be next on HAVE YOU MET…?!!!


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