New Look, New Groove: Grace VanderWaal Grows Up!

Rating: ★★★★★

The world has been a dark place for the past year—probably longer. But things are finally beginning to brighten up. Grace VanderWaal has dropped new music tonight. And when I say new music, I mean that in every way possible. The song in question is called Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know. It’s as much a statement as it is entertainment. This young woman has grown up and is putting the rest of the world on notice: she’s playing for keeps!

Those who follow her on social media know she’s recently made changes to her appearance. This has caused some to question her mental state—with some even suggesting a potential drug problem. A listen to the new track will reassure those gainsayers Grace is in full control of her faculties. She knows exactly what she is doing.

Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know is a major departure from what most FanderWaals may expect from the now 17-year-old songstress. But then again, this is Grace VanderWaal we’re talking about. She has a way of surprising her fans—and her detractors. She never settles into a safe comfort zone, travelling the same old familiar path. This has served her well—and will continue to do so.

On the new song, VanderWaal steps up her game in a huge way. Her voice comes at you with attitude, swagger, and full of confidence. Her words are sharpened to a point and will not be dismissed. Perhaps they are even a shot at her critics—you don’t know this young woman at all, so sit down and shut up.

The track’s music is what really has me hyped. I downloaded the song from iTunes at midnight and have already given it multiple plays on my iPod. Catchy as hell and stuck in my head, this one. It’s a new sound, a new groove—and heavier than anything Grace has offered to this point in her career. From the raw guitar riff cutting through the heart of the song, to the funky bassline traipsing buck naked underneath, this track proves VanderWaal is not just another pop flavor of the month. It shows the world the girl can rock. I am eagerly anticipating a new album or EP this year.


4 thoughts on “New Look, New Groove: Grace VanderWaal Grows Up!

  1. Jackie Tunberg

    I absolutely love her since she appeared on AGT some 4 years ago. My favorite singer-songwriter-composer-actress-model. She is unique and her songs are great and she sings beautifully. I am looking forward to her growing bigger and bigger in the music industry where I know one day she will be looked upon as an innovater in music. She is a little genius at all she does. A fan for life.

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  2. robataka

    Thank you for this. I’ve seen the same article on several sites (promo activity I’m sure). I love your take and some of your phrasing is awesome. “the funky bassline traipsing buck naked underneath” what a turn of phrase.

    It goes without saying Grace’s talent lyrically, musically and artistically (video) is off the charts. Her self-awareness and intelligence is what puts her over the top. This song was not what I expected when I heard it last April on Instagram, but is harder hitting like her take on Miley Cyrus’ Hate Me, or the song that shall not be viewed (Rage, since taken down). And yet she can do “Sally”, a throwback to Bob Dylan written from a perspective of a middle aged man. (I hope that gets released, it was really good!).

    This song absolutely didn’t miss the mark. Completely different and yet she nails it.

    To be honest I feel like maybe I’m I the only one who has yet to find a song of Grace’s that isn’t good?

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    1. Beem Weeks Post author

      Thanks for your input, Rob. The thing that truly amazes me about Grace is her ability to create music in virtually any genre she chooses. And she makes it all sound incredible. I’m with you in that I haven’t heard a song from her that isn’t good. She’s a chameleon with her looks and her sound. The mark of brilliance.

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