Lizzie Chantree Stands In The RRBC Spotlight

Greetings fellow indies! I am thrilled and honored to host Lizzie Chantree, the Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author this month! Have a read, leave a comment for my guest, show your support for this indie author. Take it away, Lizzie…

LC Book Cover


Finding Gina

by Lizzie Chantree.


My latest novel, Finding Gina, is a magical romance novel. I would love to tell you a little about it:


Can a sprinkling of stardust overcome a past full of demons?


Gina had traversed the breadth of the country in her little campervan to try and find everyone on her grandmother’s list, before her father drunk himself into an early grave. She lent down and pulled the battered and worn journal from her bag and opened it to the latest page. The neatly written names were etched onto her heart and she was determined to visit every single one and compensate them in some way. Her family’s debt had to be repaid.


Toby, heir to Bluebell Manor, couldn’t believe his luck when a flame haired beauty arrived at his door. Just when he thought all hope was lost! Looking for somewhere to stay for the night, Gina’s decision to turn left on a country lane, might have greater consequences than she could ever realise.


Lewis read another provincial story about a ‘guardian angel’ who had been helping families across the country and his reporter’s nose began to itch. He was sure that if he could track down the girl they were talking about, he would unearth an even bigger story. He just had to work out how to locate her and then find out what it was that she was running from!



I really enjoyed writing this book and the story gradually evolved as I wrote it. The main character Gina is quite solitary and faces the challenge of letting the people she meets into her life. She has to work out whom she can trust and find out if the life she has created for herself is actually real, or the figment of her father’s drunken imagination.


I grew up believing that being able to use your own imagination made things more interesting and fun! My mum had always told me tales of magical creatures who lived in our garden and story time before bed was full of naughty dragons who could talk and princesses with stripy tights who slept on clouds. My mum is also an author and she inspires me every day. I believe that if you have a story clambering inside your brain to get out, enjoy it, put it down on paper and when the story is finished, you will probably find another one sitting patiently waiting to introduce itself!

LC Author Photo


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37 thoughts on “Lizzie Chantree Stands In The RRBC Spotlight

      1. lizziechantree

        Thank you for hosting my tour on your blog today Beem and for the fantastic post. You are such a supportive member of RRBC and I appreciate all your hard work.


    1. lizziechantree

      Thanks John. Both my parents are very creative and have run their own businesses for as long as I can remember. They are now finally retired! My mum and I are writing a series of children’s books together based on a naughty dragon she told us about as children. She also has her own aromatherapy book out soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lizziechantree

      Thanks Jan. I think so too! Each evening I couldn’t wait to hear what was going to happen next to the naughty magical dragon my mum made stories up about and I’m sure it’s where my love of writing has come from. I have always created my own children’s stories for my daughters and hope they carry on the tradition.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lizziechantree

      Thanks Christian. I did! My parents are great fun and never told me that my crazy business ideas were a bit bonkers. They support me in everything I do, which means I can be as creative as I like and still know they are there for me. As I am for them.


    1. lizziechantree

      Thanks Natalie. My mum and I have worked together for so many years. She joined my first business and travelled around the country to international trade fairs for my product designs with me. Now she sits in my studio, or I go to hers and we both work on our own books, or we work together on our children’s books. She is such an inspiration! So is my dad, who is amazing. I don’t want to leave him out! Lol:)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. D.L. Finn

    I am enjoying this tour and seeing all the new blogs and meeting everyone! I have to agree with your mother, there is magic in the garden–just have to look!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. lizziechantree

    I think there is magic everywhere if you look hard enough:) I haven’t told anyone about the fairies I have in my garden yet! Lol! A small circle of trees has grown over the years and I placed some cut off logs beneath them for the children to sit and read stories to each other. I call it my fairy circle. Thank you so much for joining us for my Spotlight Author tour.

    Liked by 1 person


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