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“Slivers of Life: A Collection of Short Stories” Now Just .99!

Sliver of Life: A Collection of Short Stories is now available for just .99 on Kindle for a limited time. Grab a copy before it’s over!

“There is no time to lose when crafting a short story. In order to hook the reader, the author must instantly bring the narrator’s voice to life and create a compelling drama. In each of the Slivers, Beem Weeks plunges us into an intimate emotional encounter faster than Alice down the rabbit hole.” –S. Rose, author of Bridge Ices Before Road

These twenty short stories are a peek into individual lives caught up in spectacular moments in time. Children, teens, mothers, and the elderly each have stories to share. Readers witness tragedy and fulfillment, love and hate, loss and renewal. Historical events become backdrops in the lives of ordinary people, those souls forgotten with the passage of time. Beem Weeks tackles diverse issues running the gamut from Alzheimer’s disease to civil rights, abandonment to abuse, from young love to the death of a child. Long-hidden secrets and notions of revenge unfold at the promptings of rich and realistic characters; plot lines often lead readers into strange and dark corners. Within Slivers of Life, Weeks proves that everybody has a story to tell—and no two are ever exactly alike.

 Slivers of Life


Greetings, readers. I am honored to be hosting the incredibly talented indie author Nonnie Jules on her current blog tour. Take it away, Nonnie!


Hi and welcome to the 2nd day of my SHATTERED DAYDREAMS Blog Tour!

Before I get started, let me give you a little background on me first.  My most important job is being a Mom!  It is the hardest and yet the most rewarding job one could ever hope to have.  (Men, so sorry you will never get to experience what I’m talking about).  After having produced two of the most special daughters in all the land, I knew that I would somehow become an advisor to other parents, so becoming an author of Parenting Guides, was almost a given.  That was my niche but I also wanted to tell another kind of story.  It was still going to be about children, but it would have a darker side to it, while still conveying a message that I wanted to bring attention to.

In November, 2013, I published my debut novel “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND.”  Now, I know most of the novels you probably read are romance and fantasy, light, airy tales, but this one was going to take you to a place that some of you had never been, and unfortunately, some of you have.  This story was going to pull you down before it brought you up.  It intentionally was meant to make you cry before it made you smile.


We all have a purpose here on earth, even child molesters, murderers and the other monsters who offer nothing but horrid havoc to our society.  And although I don’t know for sure WHAT their purpose could possibly be, it is my belief  that GOD makes no mistakes, so in my mind, they are here to teach us lessons…to keep us on our toes, to remind us to be more mindful of our children and loved ones.

The mother in DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND, missed the mark on all of the above counts.  She was truly one sad excuse for a parent.  Actually, I count her among those monsters mentioned, and from this point on, you have my permission to refer to her as anything other than a MOTHER.

Below is an EXCERPT from the book which shows the signs of a mother who is jealous of her own daughter.  Typically, when a good child has been singled out for no apparent reason and is the target of the mother’s aggression, it is for this reason.  If you think this doesn’t happen in real life, you’ve been living under a rock.  Take a peek:

“Get the (expletive) up, you little (expletive)!”

Maiya, still lying on the grass in the front yard, opened her eyes to find her mom standing over her wielding a broom.  As she sat up, she was struck on the right side of her face by the straw part of the broom.

“Didn’t I tell you to sweep my damn floors? And here you are laying on your (expletive) on the grass reading another (expletive) book!”

Maiya could not respond because she was still in shock from having been struck in the face.  With her hands covering the bleeding spot, she tried to stand up before she spoke, lest she be struck again.

“Mom, you didn’t tell me to sweep!” she screamed.  “And what are you talking about?  You never have to tell me to clean the house!  It’s all I do.  I’m the only one who does.”

Maiya jumped back as her mom raised the broom high in the air to hit her again.

“Are you talking back to me, you little (expletive)?!  Get your (expletive) in the house before I beat you right here in front of the whole neighborhood!”

Maiya was so embarrassed.  Everyone had started to gather around once they heard the initial onslaught of foul language from her mom’s mouth.  This was nothing new to them, it was pure entertainment.  And although some of the moms looked on in astonishment that a mother could be speaking to a child this way, none of them dared report it.  They just shook their heads, went back inside their houses and whispered about it amongst each other while waiting in line at the corner market.  The other kids laughed and thought it was all funny, even Maiya’s own siblings.

By the time Maiya made it back into the house, her face was bleeding even more profusely.  She ran into the bathroom and locked the door, searching for a towel to cover her face.  As her mom hurled insults from the other side of the door, Maiya knew why this was happening…her mom was drunk again and that meant Maiya was about to catch hell.  Though there were other kids in the house, Maiya was always her only target.

Still cramping, she sat on the floor trying to stop the pain in her stomach and on the side of her face, and when she couldn’t, she just cried…


I thank you so much for allowing me to share with you today.  I ask that you follow each leg of my tour (click HERE for the line-up) as each day I will offer a bit more insight into the lives of children who are abused, as well as the mothers who sit back and allow it to happen, or are the culprits themselves.  I will also share excerpts from the book for your reading pleasure.  Ladies and Gents, this week, you’re invited to partake of SHATTERED DAYDREAMS, as shared through the eyes of my main character, Maiya James.

If the EXCERPT above peeked your curiosity for more, please pick up your very own copy of “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND.”  The content inside is enough to put you on the right track if you even remotely resemble (God forbid), this kind of mother.  But if you’re just in the mood for a really good read, I guarantee, you won’t go wrong with this one!

From this day forward, let’s do our best to ensure that all the Maiya’s of the world are taken care of, loved and protected.  Thanks so much for having me here with you today, Beem!  You and your guests are always so kind to me!  Please share your comments below.




Nonnie Jules is the mother of two beautifully kind daughters, who along with the help of her husband, have turned out to be two of the greatest assets to this world.  THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS is her first published piece of work and two weeks after publication, it hit Amazon’s Top 100 list, where it reached the #7 mark.  With all the violence which is being exhibited by some children today, it is her vision and goal to get THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…into the hands of everyone who breathes around a child.  She feels the only way we can make this happen, is if we are all working from a common blueprint.  Ms. Jules strongly believes that every opportunity we are given with a child, should be a teaching one for us and a learning one for them.

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So far, Nonnie has authored two other books:  a novel which she released in November of 2013, entitled “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” and “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS!” where she shares her no-holds-barred style of teaching us all about support and social media.  Her second parenting guide {THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO BULLY-PROOF KIDS} is due for release the beginning of January, 2015 and the sequel to her debut novel, DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, shortly after.  (Both have been delayed due to her extensive workload withRave Reviews Book Club).

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She is a fan of the well-written word, and so along with 3 partners, she started 4WillsPublishing Co. in November, 2013 to assist other writers in putting out their best work ever.  By December, 2013, she had founded the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB where in less than a year, the membership has rapidly grown to well over 500.  If you’re not a member yet, this is your personal invitation to JOIN US!


As you can see, she is an Author on the move and if you’re interested in keeping up with her, here is her contact info:

Twitter:  @nonniejules

Facebook:  Nonnie Jules, Author