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It’s Baaaaack!!! The RRBC Back-to-School Book and Blog Block Party!

It’s Party Time!


Hey! We’re doing it again. It’s time for the 2nd Annual Rave Reviews Book Club Back-to-School Book and Blog Block Party. And just what is that? Well, it’s only the biggest thing in cyberspace since the invention of the blog!


Here’s how it works: For 31 days in August, RRBC members’ blogs will be front and center for visitors to discover. Each day between one and three blogs will be featured. This means fellow RRBC members will visit each blog. These members will then Tweet about each site. They will also share the link on Facebook and many other social media outlets.


What does this mean for the featured blogger? Well, there’s the obvious increase in traffic. I mean, who doesn’t like new strangers poking around the old blog site? But since each blog will be featuring the blogger’s books, it might very well translate into many new readers of the blogger’s works.

Visitors to the blogs—those who bother to leave a comment—will be in the running for numerous and various prizes at each stop. It’s one of those things known around the world as a win-win situation. Can’t beat that with a sharp stick!


So if this sounds like fun to you, here’s a link that will explain in detail everything that’s needed to participate: The Rave Reviews Book Club Back-to-School Book and Blog Block Party!