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Welcome to Day 4 of the Fresh Ink Group Authors’ Blog Tour! @FreshInkGroup


Welcome to Day 4 of the Fresh Ink Group Authors’ Blog Tour with author Mark Allen North. Comment on his post here or at Contest@FreshInkGroup.com to enter for one randomly awarded free book trailer or one of seven (7) daily free books. Thanks for hosting, and thanks for visiting. Be sure to subscribe!

About Mark Allen North

Michigan native Mark Allen North is a retired aerospace engineer, industrialist, and educator who has published many technical and academic articles, primarily in the field of human-factors design. Now he is a novelist and writer of short stories and personal-experience essays.  He writes illustrated children’s books such as A Water Journey and his memoir of short essays is titled Time Past, Time Present. He is a longtime student of Native American spirituality, which led him to pen his first three novels, The Lady Trilogy.


Mark’s Post: a Mock Interview with Leigh of The Lady Trilogy


Interviewer: Leigh, how did you become involved with the native tribes of Alaska? Aren’t you a grad student of the natural sciences at The University of Michigan?

Leigh: True, but as I studied the biological diversity of the northern climes, Alaska stood out as a perfect resource, so I was authorized to conduct a ‘field study.’ Little did I know I’d be so involved romantically with the local population of pilots and the native Indian population. That’s an understatement, yep—not only ‘involved,’ but marrying the local Tlingit tribe’s chief, Big Bear, and adopting two of the tribe’s children needing a home. Yep, ‘hook, line, and sinker.’ After years of my living with the tribe and working with the local DNR, they even established an institute in my name with a program affiliated at the U of M for sustainability studies of Alaska’s natural resources. I may never return to the Lower 48…wait, not sure ’bout that, we’ll see.

Interviewer: Isn’t that a major life-changing decision?

Yep, but what the heck, I’m in love with Alaska, the animals, the natives; and Alaska now ‘fits in’ with my lifestyle choices at my age. No, I’m not saying how old I am, but I’ll soon be automatically on the AARP mailing list.

Interviewer: Are you planning to publish again?

Can’t say, but one thing is true: my adopted daughter, Raven Maiden, is writing a story about her experiences in the Tlingit tribe, and will be releasing the manuscript for my review in 2020!

Mark’s Books: The Lady Trilogy

Leigh West travels to Alaska’s majestic and mysterious Tongass National Forest in search of self-discovery and harmony with nature. In her journal, she chronicles all she learns from the cunning wolves, belligerent brown bears, and native Tlingit tribesmen. She marries one, adopts two, fights fire with vigor, and promotes environmental concerns all in the transforming seasons of the region’s glorious landscape. It is through Native American spirituality that she sparks new passion within herself, a new appreciation for the physical world, and a life filled with love.


Mark’s Social Media

Twitter: @MarkAllenNorth1

Contact: MarkAllenNorth@FreshInkGroup.com­­­


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Lady Novel Series Celebrates Ten Years with E-book Giveaway

Author Mark Allen North Celebrates Ten Years of Lady Trilogy Novels with Worldwide Multi-date E-book Giveaway


Publisher Fresh Ink Group (FIG) and Author-member Mark Allen North proudly
announce the 10th anniversary of Leigh West’s journey of spiritual self-discovery
in the Alaskan wilderness. The popular Lady Trilogy series includes Courageous Lady, Intrepid Lady, and Valiant Lady available in trade-paper editions and all popular e-book formats. FIG and Mr. North are partnering to offer the first installment e-book, Courageous Lady, at no charge exclusively through Amazon.com on March 4–8, 2015.


Auburn-haired beauty Leigh West travels Alaska’s majestic and mysterious Tongass National Forest in search of self-discovery and harmony with nature. She chronicles all she learns from native Tlingit tribesmen, the cunning wolves and belligerent brown bears, and the transforming seasons of the region’s glorious landscape. Book #1, Courageous Lady, shows how through Native American spirituality she sparks new passion within herself, a new appreciation for the physical world, and a life filled with love.


In Intrepid Lady, she chronicles becoming the spiritual wife of Chi Mukwa (Big Bear) and guardian of two Tlingit teens. Valiant Lady concludes Leigh’s odyssey of self-fulfillment with such challenges as marriage and adoption, fighting fire, and promoting the environment with its transforming seasons and glorious landscape.


Novelist Stephen Geez notes that since Lady’s inception, the last ten years have seen a surge in women’s literature exploring themes of reconnecting with the physical and spiritual worlds, of discovering a new script for how to live one’s “second act,” of learning how approaching “middle age” can signal new opportunities. Geez adds, “Mark Allen North illustrates his keen understanding of human nature from the point-of-view of a determined woman who finds new ways to pay attention to herself by seeing the world
through new eyes.” Both literary yet straightforward in its gentle narrative, the Lady Series speaks for women and men of all ages in its series of thoughtfully entertaining adventure tales.


Mark Allen North is a retired educator, aerospace engineer, industrialist, and Michigan native who previously published mainly in the field of human-factors design. His memoir, Past—Time Present and his own studies of Native American spirituality led to the Lady Trilogy.


Published by Fresh Ink Group, Courageous Lady (ISBN: 978-1-936442-12-6) at $16.95 (e-book $8.90); Intrepid Lady (ISBN: 978-1-936442-13-3) at $13.50 (e-book $7.70); and Valiant Lady (ISBN: 978-1-936442-14-0) at $12.90 (e-book $7.20) are available worldwide in print and e-book formats.


Fresh Ink Group is a multi-media publisher and collective of authors, artists, and content experts who work together to help enhance, produce, and promote each other’s best work. Contact Fresh Ink Group at (817) 488-1448; info{at)FreshInkGroup(dot)com; or P.O. Box 525, Roanoke, TX 76262. Follow Mr. North on Fresh Ink Group’s Twitter feed, #MarkAllenNorth, #LadyTrilogy.
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