Staci Troilo’s No Such Luck! A #NewRelease

I am excited to host the talented Staci Troilo on The Indie Spot today! She has a new release available! Take it away, Staci . . .

Thanks for having me here today, Beem. Hi, everyone. I am grateful that you’re giving me a few minutes so I can tell you about my new release, No Such Luck. It’s a short and sweet romance just in time for Christmas.

Piper Seidel has run home to her father with her tail between her legs. She’s lost her job, and she feels lost. Compounding her humiliation, she constantly embarrasses herself in front of her high school crush—a man she’d love a second chance to make a first impression on. This excerpt shows Piper’s moment of clarity, when things start going her way and she has the epiphany that will (hopefully) make all the difference.

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She leaned over to hug him. “Good night, Tom.”


After she climbed out of his cab, he sat in the driveway, truck idling. Finally, he rolled down the window. “What are you doing?”

“I was going to watch you drive away.”

“I’m waiting for you to go in the house. It’s the considerate thing to do.”

She chuckled. Touché. “You’re right. Good night.” And with a final wave, she ran to the mudroom door.

But she didn’t go inside. After Tommy left, she headed for her car.

It was time she took her own advice.

Life wasn’t about being cool. It was about being considerate.

No wonder she’d lost her last job. She’d been a raging pain in the butt.

But she could find another job. Pittsburgh had a bunch of online magazines that might need writers. And a great newspaper. If worse came to worse, the small-town local newspaper was an option. The editor tried to convince her to work for him every time he saw her during a visit.

The thing that scared her was that she almost lost the most wonderful thing in her life because she hadn’t been considerate.

Worse, she’d been blind. For years.

Piper had been living in the past for too long. She finally stepped into the present. Hopefully her epiphany wasn’t too late to change her fortune.

I hope you enjoyed that quick sneak peek. No Such Luck, the first installment of the Keystone Couples series, is available now on Amazon.

No Such Luck


Seeds of luck usually wither. The rare one grows and blooms.

Piper Seidel has one thing going for her—a red carnation given to her by Tommy Burnett in the tenth grade. It might have dried over the years, but it’s still her good luck charm. Losing it sets her life in a downward spiral, forcing her to return to her hometown where she comes face to face with her high school crush.

The years have been kind to Tommy, who looks better than ever. Unfortunately, Piper is at her worst, continually embarrassing herself whenever he’s around. The only plus? Her long-time friend, Jack Rhodes, still lives in town. Since she last saw him, his legs have grown longer, his biceps thicker, and his shoulders broader. He was always the brother she never had, but now she can’t help noticing him in an unsisterly way. Jack is every bit as caring as he’s ever been—until her bad luck drives him away, maybe forever.

Piper needs a new good luck charm, and fast, before she loses her final chance at happiness.

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72 thoughts on “Staci Troilo’s No Such Luck! A #NewRelease

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  2. Gwen M. Plano

    I really enjoyed this novella, Staci, and I’m looking forward to the series. Congratulations! Thank you, Beem, for featuring Staci and No Such Luck today. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mae Clair

    I was so glad when Piper finally realized what she had been overlooking all along. Great excerpt, Staci, from a wonderful novella. I loved the story, and hope many more readers discover what a charmer it is. Good luck with the release.

    Great job hosting, Beem. (P.S….I love the widget about writing and painting in your sidebar).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Beem Weeks Post author

      Thanks for visiting and showing Staci some love and support, Mae. I have No Such Luck on my Kindle. Since it’s a short read, I’ll be getting to it soon. I’m finishing up your short story collection—and loving it.

      I’m glad you like the widget about writing and painting. It was something I said in an interview long ago. A librarian from Florida made the widget and put it on the library website. 🤯

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Mae Clair

        Glad you’re enjoying the short story collection, Beem. I know you’ll love No Such Luck. It really is a sweet story.

        Cool story about the widget. And that was an awesome quote you made!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. John W. Howell

    Great excerpt, Staci. Knowing how talented you are, I bought the book even though romances are not in my wheelhouse for reading. (Always appreciate romance in life though) I know it’s going to be good. Thanks, Been for helping spread the word about Stacie’s book.

    Liked by 2 people

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