Karolina Protsenko – Violin and Piano! Just WOW!

I discovered this young girl, Karolina Protsenko, on YouTube recently. I know nothing of her life story outside of these videos. But I feel driven to share her incredible talent here on the The Indie Spot! This is why I created my blog nearly a decade ago—to share the beauty of art (writing, painting, music) in all of its glorious splendor. Though these songs she covers contain some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written, this girl teaches us that music doesn’t have to contain words to move the soul. I’m not ashamed to admit to having a lump in my throat just listening to these stunning instrumentals. Please, take a moment and listen.

Can’t Help Falling In Love


12 thoughts on “Karolina Protsenko – Violin and Piano! Just WOW!

      1. littleuglyswanling

        I posted about her, too, before, on a past blog. I compared her to these people from the New Orleans, Louisiana area where I moved to from East Coast Florida areas/cities at age 12 and where I went to college.

        The girls in the 1st video are north of New Orleans like me, and the 2nd is probably the closest related city to the one I lived in, Slidell, across the bridge from New Orleans. You know I’m majoring on Violin Performance online at The Baptist College of Florida. I need to get some better videos up, but they’re all over YouTube on different channels I had. I actually got to talk to the sisters in the 1st video on YouTube, wanted to move back there and just today said that too, maybe for my Masters, as I attended Loyola University New Orleans with a high scholarship before I had to leave, as a piano/organ major and in singing.

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      2. beemweeks Post author

        Wow. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed both videos. Very different styles between the two. I especially like the Cajun sound. That girl really seems to be having fun.


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  2. littleuglyswanling

    Wow, I’m impressed you watched them. Yea, there are lots of things to think about and notice. Everyone has a different opinion. Interesting where the people who play these come from, different things to offer. I see more in common with the Louisiana musicians than with the one from California.

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