Choose “The Alternative” Blog Tour With Suzanne Burke!

Greetings and welcome to another stop on author Suzanne Burke’s blog tour in support of her latest novel. Take it away, Suzanne…

Welcome to Day 7  of my Choose “THE ALTERNATIVE” Blog Tour.

With my grateful thanks to my marvelous host.

Thank you for joining me here.


There are those that cling unreservedly to the lifeboat that believing in Karma hands them so willingly.

They work, they live, and they function in a world that allows them the option of unreservedly trusting that Karma has no deadline.

Until they are handed the spark that ignites them into becoming the instrument of Karma itself.

There are others who have had all they once held to be truths, everything they once stood for and took pride in, torn apart and ripped from them by the hand of a cruel fate.

Then, of course, there are those who believed in nothing and no one, to begin with …

These are their stories.

The stories of people both good and bad, who made the choice to exact “The Alternative.”


My fiction works are character driven.

Today I share with you a character interview with FBI Special Agent, Meredith Adams. A pivotal character from Chapter 1 Picasso.

Meredith Adams takes on a case that will take her into the crazed world of a narcisistic sociopath.

The case will become a lingering nightmare that will forever permeate her rare sleeping hours.

We find her,  tormented by her previous choices. She appears to hover in a wasteland of indecision. Until …

“Agent Adams, what is it about this particular case that troubles you so deeply?”

I can’t recall a time when I have ever felt so utterly helpless. I’m trapped by decisions I’ve made, decisions crafted by my own belief that our justice system with all its inherent faults must be upheld.

Yet I know that nothing we can do will ever change the fact that sixteen girls have had their futures irrevocably altered.

“Do you now regret those choices, Agent Adams?”

Regret? Dear Lord, you have no idea. You need to understand something. To you these girls are just tragic photographs that shocked you just for as long as it took something else horrific to appear on your screens.

They will never be just images to me. They have become my friends. I’ve watched them struggle to survive, and I’ve watched on in rage and sadness as six of them lost that struggle

So, regret doesn’t even begin to come close. This thing gnaws away at my innards like a ravenous cancer. There is not one night in recent memory that I don’t still see their mutilated fourteen year old faces. I still hear their torment.

“If there were a way for you seek retribution, would you take that path?”

“Well, would you, Agent Adams?

I’m sorry, this interview is now at an end.

“Just one more question, Agent Adams?”

“Agent Adams … ?”

“I apologise. My guest appears to have left the room.”

You’ll discover the outcome inside the pages of “The Alternative”

Karma has no deadline.

I do hope you’ll join me.

My thanks again to my supportive host.

My thanks to the marvelous crew at 4Wills Publishing for arranging my blog tour.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

“The Alternative” NOW Available


Author Bio:

Suzanne Burke resides with her daughter and grandson in a small country town located hundreds- of miles to the west of her previous home in Sydney Australia.

Suzanne had long wanted to write, life interrupted and she didn’t begin her journey into the world of writing until she was in her early fifties.

Suzanne has written her memoirs under the author name of Stacey Danson, both her non-fiction books have ranked in the top 100 paid in Kindle on Amazon. “Empty Chairs” and “Faint Echoes of Laughter” continue to earn wonderful reviews.

Suzanne writes her powerful Thrillers “Acts Beyond Redemption” and “Acts of Betrayal” and her Paranormal anthology “Mind-Shaft” as S. Burke.


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38 thoughts on “Choose “The Alternative” Blog Tour With Suzanne Burke!

  1. Rhani D'Chae

    Soooze, I’m sorry to see this tour come to a close. I’ve enjoyed it so much, and now I want you to write something else so you can do another one. Lol I just love your work!

    Beem, thanks so much for hosting this stop. You are so supportive of all of us, and you don’t get nearly enough recognition for everything you do. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Soooz

      ❤️️ Your support has been amazing, Rhani, thank you. As for the next book … I’m now 12 chapters into my new WIP. The characters are holding me to ransom, and I’m hoping like hell nobody pays it. I love it here.😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rijanjks

    This excerpt is from one of the darkest tales in The Alternative. Sooz did such a great job of getting inside the twisted mind of a twisted sociopath in this story. But the justice was sweet! Thanks for hosting, Beem!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mae Clair

    Picasso is one of the stories that really stood out for me in this fabulous collection of shorts. The Alternative is an exceptional read that will remain with you long after you finish. Wishing Soooz much success and thanks to Beem for hosting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Soooz

      😊Mae Clair, thank you again. Your support has been awesome every step of the way on this crazy journey we all undertake as writers. The response to “The Alternative” continues to be amazing. I’m delighted.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. beemweeks Post author

        Hi, Kelly! I am hard at work putting the finishing touches on my next book. It’s another collection of short stories. I’m hoping to have it out by September. How are you doing?


  4. Vashti Q

    Hello! Wow! Intriguing interview, even though it was cut short. What a hook. I’ve enjoyed this tour very much! This is another great stop. Too bad it’s the last. We have your books to look forward to though. Thanks for hosting, Beem!😁

    Liked by 1 person


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