Bold and Empowering, “Clearly” is Grace VanderWaal’s Latest Triumph

Rating: ★★★★★

Grace VanderWaal’s latest single, “Clearly,” is finally available. This re-imagining of Johnny Nash’s classic 1972 hit “I Can See Clearly Now” became a staple in the fourteen-year-old singer/songwriter’s concerts during the second leg of her Just the Beginning tour over the winter.

One listen to VanderWaal’s rendition, and those familiar with Nash’s version can tell this is a completely different song. In fact, only the chorus remains from the original. Speaking of the track, Grace says, “It’s about hope, and having the courage to face the world, which can be pretty tough sometimes.”

VanderWaal’s voice is always her strongest asset, a gorgeous instrument full of all sorts of lush tones and textures. But those who follow her career—FanderWaals, if you will—know her secret weapon lies in her lyrical prowess. “Clearly” is a fantastic example of this power on full display. Her words have meaning. There’s never a stray verse that lacks cohesion with the rest of the song. She doesn’t drop lines into the mix just because they rhyme or sound cool. Grace is a storyteller. She paints vivid pictures with the poetic beauty of a true artist.

The song and accompanying video go hand in hand—this, too, a hallmark of the genius that is Grace VanderWaal. These are her ideas, her visions, her gifts that she has chosen to share with the world.

“Clearly” is catchy and addictive—as is all of Grace’s music. A gentle acoustic guitar opens the track, ambling along on warm currents of air. VanderWaal’s voice sways with the music in a delicate dance, slowly building from soft desperation to soaring determination. Between the lows and highs, there is a point where her vocals reach that sweet spot that gives even the most jaded among us goosebumps.

The video for this song is a visual feast for the eyes. It opens under a blue sky with just a notion of a cloud. Birds can be heard singing in the trees. Jumpcut to Grace, in a darkened room, dressed in gray sweats, strikingly beautiful in an almost fragile sort of way. A hint of tears gives her the weariness of a struggling soul. And just as VanderWaal’s lyrics paint meaning into the music, so, too, does each and every image captured within this story. As she sings the line “Gone are the dark clouds, the dawn has come,” she frantically wipes away her freshly applied makeup. Down the stairs she goes, ever cautious, wearing a flowing white dress with pale pink accents. She wanders through the kitchen, eyeing herself in a mirror, singing, “Take a breath and say a prayer, find the strength in my despair, it’s not gonna take me down.” Soon she is bursting from the darkness into the sunshiny day. Behind her is the house, its windows filled with singers from a gospel choir—an unexpected and touching scene. The camera play has brilliantly captured the sunshine at just the right moment and at just the right angles.

Nothing is wasted with this young lady. There’s no room for cheap gimmicks. She brings a message of optimism, of hope for a better life—for everybody.

Grace explains, “My favorite lyric from the song is ‘I accept all the things that I cannot change’. As much as we try to change ourselves, we will always be the same person deep down. We should embrace what makes us different and love that about ourselves.”

I’ll happily confess to being a FanderWaal; I have been one since her audition on America’s Got Talent two years ago. Grace’s music has had a profound effect on my view of life and the day to day living it requires. I am at a loss to attempt an explanation. I just know that I want to be a better person when I hear her music. Maybe it’s that voice. Or those lyrics. Perhaps it’s her beautiful melodies. I’m guessing it’s a combination of each. And it’s the girl herself. She is proving to me—and to the rest of the world—that kindness remains a beautiful thing.


17 thoughts on “Bold and Empowering, “Clearly” is Grace VanderWaal’s Latest Triumph

      1. deepthought64

        Dedicated to Grace VanderWaal

        In the Light of Grace

        A Soul as Old as Mankind itself.
        A Face as delicate as a Porcelain Elf
        A Voice of Smoke, poured through fine wine
        A heart that vibrates as it shakes mine,

        Your hold on the Muse that opens the flame
        Of the fire that burns as we say your name
        Grace you are and Grace you bring
        I gladly will die now I’ve heard you sing!

        (c) Laurence M. Hazlewood 10/04/2019 France

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  1. Larry Kulp

    One of the worst understatements I’ve ever heard was when Simon Cowell exclaimed, “This girl is special.” Grace will be the most important and beloved singer we’ve seen for many decades.

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  2. Thomas Black

    Great article! She is hard to define. I like that she always tries different things. May she never find her sound…because she can do anything and I would love it! She is art! Can’t wait to see what’s next?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. beemweeks Post author

      Thanks for the input, Thomas. I believe the magic of Grace VanderWaal is that she has no defined genre. This allows her to slip between the lines and do as she sees fit. This is what makes her such a special soul. You are absolutely correct in saying “Grace is art!”

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  3. Gaylon Ritter

    I love what you have to say about Grace! It’s been many years since I have been this excited and blown away by an artist! I have not had tears in my eyes listening to a song… or many of Grace’s songs… in years. Excited about her future.

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