Catching Up With Spotlight Author Wendy Scott!

Hello, everybody! I am honored to share this blog with a fellow writer and Spotlight Author for the month of June. As part of the celebration, Wendy Scott is making the rounds at various blogs. Today, she’s gracing us with her presence here at The Indie Spot! For those who may not know Ms. Scott, Wendy is a super supportive member of Rave Reviews Book Club. So let’s all make her feel welcome by leaving her your comments and well wishes. That being said, take it away, Wendy…

Fantasy Author Wendy Scott’s RRBC Journey.

When I first joined RRBC I had no idea of the literary roller coaster I’d jumped on.

I was so excited when my books and book trailers went live on the RRBC catalogue pages.

There was no time to pause for breath before I was involved in my first book trailer party. What a blast! 30 days of book trailers. I was impressed and inspired by the variety of book trailers. I won books and a coveted Book of the Month Spot.

I’m convinced the RRBC Tweet team doesn’t sleep! My followers skyrocketed as my tweets were retweeted into twitterland.

The lovely Gwendolyn Plano interviewed me on Behind The Pen. I was worried no one would understand my Kiwi accent!

Until RRBC I’d never taken part in or hosted a blog tour. Wow – an influx of visitors posted their comments on my site.

RRBC core focus is reading and posting honest reviews of other members’ books. I haven’t made the 100 club yet but it’s on my list! So many wonderful RRBC authors and books.

One of my highlights was when one of my children’s books earned Nonnie’s Seal of Approval.

Another highlight was being invited to join the VIP lounge and RWISA.

Yet another was being accepted as a RaveWaves host for Bring On The Spotlight.

There’s also the annual virtual RRBC Book Expo and Conference where I had fun presenting on a couple of topics.

Other features are the annual RRBC anthologies, the monthly Pipeline Magazine, and the KCT awards.

I was honoured (hugely surprised!) to be presented with a couple of Rave Awards in 2016.

The best part is the family-friendly vibe of this global community of authors where we help promote each other. Pay-it-forward is truly alive and thriving in RRBC-land.


Readers come and find your next read in the RRBC catalogue.

Authors come and join RRBC’s dynamic community – just say Wendy invited you!



Amazon US 124 reviews 4.4* rating

Amazon US Lodestone

Amazon UK Lodestone



Connect with Wendy:

Twitter @WendyJayneScott


Author Profile Amazon




40 thoughts on “Catching Up With Spotlight Author Wendy Scott!

  1. rijanjks

    If not for RRBC, I might not have ever met you, Wendy or you, Beem. But, I am SO glad that I did because I loved Lodestone as well as Jazz Baby. I still find myself thinking about the characters from time-to-time. That’s why both of your books made it to my TOP TEN list for 2016! Hope you’re enjoying your tour, Wendy. And, thanks for hosting, Beem!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    John, glad to see you hosting Wendy. But then you are always there when needed. Wendy I’m just trying to keep up with your stops. lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

        Beem when you add up what I did on the radio show coupled with calling you by another name, well, I must have been in the vodka once too many times. I better lay off awhile. I’m beginning to worry about me. lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Natalie Ducey

    Fantastic, Wendy! You’re amazing, and sending out a huge THANK YOU for the tremendous support you gift fellow authors. 🙂
    Thanks so much, Beem, for hosting! I’m a little late, but sure am glad I made it!

    Liked by 1 person


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