“100 Things We All Wonder About Nonnie Jules” Blog Tour

It is truly my pleasure and honor to present Rave Reviews Book Club president Nonnie Jules here on my blog today! It’s all yours, Nonnie…




Anyone who purchases a copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and send to me a copy of the purchase receipt to nonniejules@gmail.com, and also leave a comment along the tour, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!  One entry for each book that is purchased, whether in e-book or paperback format.  Purchases must take place between 2/14/16 – 2/29/16.  If you’ve already purchased all of my books, then feel free to gift a friend, just for the chance to win!!!  Spend a little, and you could win a lot!!!


Anyone who reads and posts a review of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and sends the link to their review to nonniejules@gmail.com, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!  One entry for each book read and reviewed.  Reviews must be posted between 2/16/16 – 3/15/16 to be placed into the drawing.


Q:  What triggered the writer in you?

A:  I don’t really know what woke up that giant, but I’ve always loved words and I think if you love words the way I love words, how can you not want to write them?

Q:  You’ve written a novel, a non-fiction book and a collection of poetry.  Which genre is your favorite?

A:  Poetry, hands down is my favorite!  It was my first love and also the area I started writing in, many years ago.

Q:  Is there a genre of writing you haven’t tried yet that you’d like to attempt?

A:  Yes, the one that I AM GOING TO WRITE UNDER, is Sci-Fi only because I like the way John Fioravanti writes it.  I really don’t think I’ve ever read another Sci-Fi book quite like his, and his is good.  I can’t let him top me, either.  #We’reAlwaysCompetingAgainstEachOther

Q:   I know how much you value your privacy—and that is refreshing in this day and age.  But, would you ever consider being a guest on a RAVE WAVES program?

A:  Yes, I do value my privacy, actually, I think more people should, and YES, I have promised John Fioravanti an interview!  Hopefully, he’ll disappear before I have to follow thru on that promise, so, you all stay tuned and if you should happen to notice John’s gone missing, the cat did it!!!

Q:  You’ve built RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB into a worldwide brand in just over two years.  That takes a lot of energy, foresight and thought.  Hollywood has made movies about Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook.  Who is going to play the role of Nonnie Jules in the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB movie?

A:  Well, Beem, thank you so much for that compliment!  It’s nice to know that you think someone would even waste their time making a movie about me, but, without a doubt, the only soul whose fierceness and confidence matches mine:  Angelina Jolie would have to play the part!  I’m not a really big fan of her acting, although I think she’s good, but it’s her personal side that I admire.  She’s an advocate, she (appears) to love children and she stands by her convictions.  Others opinions of her, matters not to her, and that’s what I love most about her!  #Fierce!

To follow Nonnie’s tour and to get more of your questions answered, please visit her Blog Tour Page on the 4WillsPub site http://wp.me/P43s9i-FEw.  Thanks for stopping by today and good luck on winning some of these great prizes!




Twitter:  http://twitter.com/nonniejules

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BooksByNonnie

Blogs:  www.nonniewrites.wordpress.com , www.BooksByNonnie.wordpress.com & www.AskTheGoodMommy.wordpress.com



 Trailer: https://youtu.be/zg15rptFN2g



Trailer:  https://youtu.be/qbUK3XQ5-dA

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Trailer:  https://youtu.be/fQBnt0wix88

1If Only There Was Music book cover


Trailer: https://youtu.be/g2gNns8ZVFI



48 thoughts on ““100 Things We All Wonder About Nonnie Jules” Blog Tour

  1. John W. Howell

    I would love to see the Rave Reviews Movie, but I really think you could play yourself Nonnie. I don’t think there is an actress who would get the “straight talk” part right. Thanks, for hosting Beem.


  2. John Fioravanti

    Another delightful stop, Nonnie! Thank you so much for the compliment about my sci-fi series, The Genesis Saga! When you start writing in that genre, I’ll be first in line to buy your books! (I’m observing every cat VERY carefully from now on…😕) Beem, thanks for having us over today!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    I’m really becoming paranoid about that darn cat! I also think Nonnie should play herself. There is no one else like her. And RRBC is becoming a worldwide brand and a force in the literary community. Good questions and good answers.

    Beem I think of Van Gogh (hope I spelled it right) everytime I visit your blog. And that’s a good thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jan Hawke

    That cat needs a cage – no wonder you don’t like ’em Nonnie! 😉 Angelina’s a great lady and obviously likes to be surrounded by kids too – is it still 6… 😀
    Great job todayNonnie & Beem 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rhani D'Chae

    Jolie? Hmmm… I don’t particularly care for her, but that is a movie I would go to see. And hopefully, the cat will not succeed in absconding with John because that is a Rave Waves segment that I would love to hear. 😃 Beem, thank you for hosting. It’s always such a pleasure to stop by.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bill Ward

    More good questions and fun answers! I like a bit of sci-fi and have to say I am not terribly keen on poetry! Probably because of studying Keats, Milton, Coleridge for Eng Lit at school. I guess I should try something more modern like Nonnie!.


    1. beemweeks Post author

      I know, Lizzie. I’m going out on a limb here (like a cat) when I say Nonnie just might be a closet cat person. She sure talks a lot about them–for not liking them! Meow! Just saying…

      Liked by 1 person

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