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Catch The Rave Waves

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They’ve gone and done it again! I’m talking about Rave Reviews Book Club. It wasn’t enough to just be a simple book club, to profile, promote, and propel worthy indie authors and their work. No. These amazing people just couldn’t be satisfied with doing THAT!

And all of those fantastic prizes and honors they hand out to supportive members? Oh, you know the ones I’m talking about: Member of the Month; Member of the Week; Spotlight Author; #PUSHTUESDAY/PUSHWEEK honoree; Book of the Month (3 books each and every month); President’s Pick! Even all of THAT wasn’t enough for this book club.

Here’s what they’ve gone and done now: They’ve entered the Blog Talk Radio world! That’s right. Rave Reviews Book Club is now promoting fellow book club members via Blog Talk Radio! Every Saturday, Rave Reviews Book Club hosts interview fellow club members, discuss books written by fellow club members, and generally have more fun than the Geneva Convention allows!

Seriously! Rave Reviews Book Club is quickly becoming a multimedia giant! I mean, really! What’s next? Television? The movies? The first book club on Mars? Don’t put anything past these sharp-minded board members.

I invite everybody to tune in and catch all the latest from some of the finest indie authors in the world. Here is a list of the programs offered:


*Harmony Kent, Lead-Host – AUTHOR SCOOP!

*Bethany Turner, Host – BEHIND THE PEN

*Beem Weeks, Host – BEYOND THE COVER 

*Marlena Hand, Host – BUY THE BOOK 

*Nancy M. Bell, Host – “SPOTLIGHT” HONORS

And guess what? All shows are archived for your listening convenience. Can’t tune in when it’s live? Just go to the archives and find each episode there!

Rave Reviews Book Club: Leading book clubs beyond the 21st Century!