The Joy of Short Story Writing (with special guest Beem Weeks)

I want to express a sincere thank you to Synful Desire for this wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject of writing!

Synful Interludes


Hello Awesome Visitors! Let’s Talk. In honor of Short Story Month, a special guest has stopped by to talk about his love for short story writing, as well as his collection of short stories. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Beem Weeks.



 Beem Weeks
Twitter @BeemWeeks or @VoiceofIndie


I would like to extend a most sincere thank you to the gracious and wonderful Synful Desire for allowing me this opportunity.

Why write short stories? The answer is really quite simple: Short stories offer instant gratification for both writer and reader. A short story can be written in a day or two. It can be read in a matter of minutes. I love the work and research that goes into writing novels, but the short story is probably my favorite form of writing.

I began writing short stories when I first learned to construct a proper sentence—which…

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