Paying It Forward!

Greetings, readers. I am thrilled to be participating in the Rave Reviews Book Club Pay It Forward Week. Today, I am happy to introduce indie author Suzanne McKenna Link.

I discovered this incredibly talent author through the community of writers and readers at Rave Reviews Book Club. Suzanne is one of the most supportive members involved with RRBC.

Suzanne is the author of the New Adult/Contemporary Love Story Saving Toby.


Book Synopsis:

Loving someone through their hard fall from grace takes a lot of grit.

In school, Toby Faye was a moody kid who sat in the back of class and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Claudia might have forgotten him if it weren’t for the two fatal circumstances surrounding his family. In their small town, the Faye name was infamous.

An unexpected job offer drops Claudia back into Toby’s life, and that of his widowed mother. Older now, Toby is a mass of muscles and unruly hair; a real head-turner. Despite Claudia’s attempt to stay away from Toby, his blue-grey eyes expose a need she cannot ignore. Toby’s world is a place where sadness lingers and old wounds run deep. Touched by the family’s plight, Claudia vows to help Toby and his mother move past the hurt.

When a local hate crime is linked to Toby and his friends, doubts are cast. Old friends become enemies. Animosity between Claudia’s father and Toby strains the father-daughter relationship. Taking Toby’s side means Claudia will be forced to face situations she never imagined. She will have to be tougher than she’s ever had to be. Does Claudia have the grit to love Toby through his fall?

Saving Toby is the first book of a two-part series that follows the emotional and inspirational tale of a young couple’s journey to find themselves.

Full length, New Adult, Contemporary Love Story.
Recommended Reading Age 18+

Meet Suzanne:


Suzanne McKenna Link is the debut author of SAVING TOBY. The literary love story follows the moving journey of a damaged young man and his love for a girl who might just save him. A lifelong dream to write and an avid interest in psychology has Suzanne digging deep into the reasons for her characters’ behaviors. The native Long Islander is fascinated by the how and why of people’s actions. As a result, her characters come to life on the pages. Suzanne is a page-layout artist and freelance writer for a local family of newspapers that covers events on the South Shore of Long Island, New York. She continues her work there. She is currently working on “Keeping Claudia,” the emotional sequel and finale to Saving Toby. To keep up-to-date on Suzanne’s newest writing endeavors; visit her author page on Facebook. Suzanne resides in the town of Sayville with her husband and two children.

Discover this talented author for yourself:

Saving Toby:

Suzanne’s Blogspot:

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Suzanne on Twitter:

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