Religious Satire Novel Launches with E-book Giveaway

Novelist and Tokyo Denizen Jasper Grawl celebrates the Release of Political and Religious Satire THE GATES OF VALHALLA with Worldwide Multi-date E-book Giveaway.


Publisher Fresh Ink Group (FIG) proudly announces the print and e-book editions of Jasper Grawl’s THE GATES OF VALHALLA, a journey through space, time, and life that brings one soul-searching man to renovate his church into a bar that gives people what they really want: the recipe for Salvation–on tap. FIG and Jasper Grawl are partnering to offer free e-book downloads through Amazon.com on December 30, 2014 through January 3, 2015.

From our primitive invention of Time, through the distant future when countless souls populate vast swaths of empty space, VALHALLA shows us what really becomes of mankind because we let politicians run the show. With farce as the Universe’s unifying principle, where the only requirement for faster-than-light travel is proper footwear, when a cheap catchphrase and colorful brochures pass for religion, Stan has the audacity to peddle his soul-saving elixir in frosty mugs. Meanwhile, crotchety Gumballs finds himself trying to navigate the mindnumbing bureaucracy of afterlife, his “sin-surance” policy wholly inadequate, the specter of eternal Hell looming every bit as wretchedly as an afternoon of C-SPAN.

VALHALLA tackles such trivialities as life and death, heaven and hell, sin and redemption, Earth’s corned beef claim to galactic fame, and the very survival of mankind. Jasper Grawl’s side-splitting novel leads readers straight to the gates and dares everybody to step through.


An English Teacher and copy writer in Tokyo, Japan, Jasper Grawl is a Badger from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in The Art of Making Mountains Out of Molehills, otherwise known as “Political Science.” He considers Valhalla to be “a thoughtful examination of why society is crumbling like bad meatloaf, a witty expose written with literary flair,” but he admits some might find it “factious, uppity, and lewd–its appeal limited to those with the slightest interest in religion, politics, money, or knockin’ boots. Or jokes.”

Novelist Stephen Geez calls it the best send-up on societal foibles he’s read in a long time. “Start with the comic-cultural satire of Chris Buckley and Carl Hiassen, then add the expansive imagination of an absurdist madman, and you have Grawl’s compelling skewer of human nature. We laugh knowingly at these people, especially as we realize he’s making fun of us all.”

Published by Fresh Ink Group, THE GATES OF VALHALLA (ISBN: 978-1-936442-18-8) 244-page perfect-bound trade paper edition is cover-priced at $12.85. E-book editions are available on all major platforms for $3.99. Free downloads are available through Amazon.com on December 30, 2014, through January 3, 2015.


Fresh Ink Group is a multi-media publisher and collective of authors, artists, and content experts who work together to help enhance, produce, and promote each other’s best work. Contact Fresh Ink Group at (817) 488-1448; info@FreshInkGroup.com: or P.O. Box 525, Roanoke, TX 76262. Follow Jasper Grawl on Facebook: Twitter: @JasperGrawl; or at JasperGrawl.com.

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