The Queen Speaks!

Greetings, readers! I am excited to introduce to you a good friend of mine! Please welcome  my guest blogger, the incredibly talented poet Queen of Spades!

Take it away, Queen!




Hello Beem! Great for you to have me here! I hope you don’t mind.  I brought along some Southern sweet tea for you and your readers to try.


Gather around. I have a story to tell.


Once upon a time there was this lady named Queen.  She loved participating in online poetry communities, sharing her writings, and interacting with fellow poets and readers alike.  Everything was going well until Queen started becoming more popular than the other administrators before her, who were fellow poets in their own right.  As a result of that and the communities making changes she wasn’t on board for, Queen was forced to leave the very communities that for years she called her home.


It wasn’t all tragedy.  During her tenure she encountered another poet called M.  The two of them would comment on each others’ poetry and even collaborated on a few pieces.  Their styles meshed rather well.  Along the way they became great friends and later fell in love.  Eventually their long distance romance blossomed into both of them being in the same vicinity.


One day Queen found a hardcover book of writings M had done a long time ago.  After reading those works, she became highly inspired and began to write.  Each of Queen’s poems was a counter or a compliment to the poetry of M’s.  There were moments when Queen would crank out multiple poems a day: she was drunk with creativity.  And drunk in love.


That was 2003.




Fast forward to May 2008.  Queen returned from a hard day’s work and arrived in their shared abode.  She was greeted with a half page letter on a computer screen, citing the union was over with.  Queen was overcome with grief.  Several times along the years, Queen came across the “work of love” and wanted to destroy it.  Yet something in her wouldn’t allow her to do it.  She would hide the work and trick herself into thinking she had no idea where it was located.  After a while, this mind trick began to work and Queen didn’t think any more of it.


Fast forward to late March 2013. Queen’s publishing bug had undergone a resurrection. It had been originally smashed in 2006.  She felt the need to share again, though she had never stopped writing.  She was hard at work on the Eclectic collection but decided to take a break to do a bit of spring cleaning.  While doing so, she found the “work of love” again and began reading it.  It had been many years but holding this work felt differently.  This time, she didn’t feel the anger anymore from the person that inspired it, just very thankful for the creativity which spilled forth.  For Queen, she was at a pivotal point.  She no longer wanted to destroy the work yet she also felt like she hadn’t given that part of her life proper closure.  After the debate, Queen decided to publish the work in May.


Number Three


I am the Queen in the story and the published work is Reflections of Soul.  This collection served as my closure on that particular time frame.  I am very glad that the poems I’ve written have impacted others and resonated with those readers who wouldn’t normally pick up a poetry book.



Blurb: Inspiration is all around but what happens when inspiration from one impacts facets of another’s self? Reflections of Soul takes one on this poetic journey–a voyage coated in bittersweet waves: paying homage to the inspiration while gaining necessary closure on the impact after the bond met its death.


As part of the one year anniversary of Reflections of Soul, I am offering the electronic copy of this work for $1.00 via Kindle.


The title will also be offered via Smashwords (for those of you who need a different electronic format than .mobi) for the entire month of May.  If you purchase through Smashwords, please use QK82Q upon checkout.


For those who prefer to have a paperback, it will be selling at $4.00 (two dollars off the regular price) via CreateSpace.  Please enter code YAG4DN9T upon checkout.


Beem, thank you so much for having me!  I greatly appreciate the time and the opportunity.  Feel free to savor the rest of the pitcher of sweet tea.  Until next time.

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