Rave Reviews Book Club


So you’ve written the next great novel, put in the time and effort to get the manuscript polished to a high sheen, and spent untold amounts of money to get your masterpiece edited and published. It’s there on Amazon for everybody in the world to buy, read, and review—if only they knew the book exists! Sure, you’ve tweeted about it, posted short blurbs on Facebook, joined amazing author sites like Koobug.com and Goodreads. Maybe you’ve even spent a little extra money to have a web site set up. Is this enough? Are there other things an author can do to push sales closer to something resembling respectable?

Have you considered joining a book club? I don’t mean your grandmother’s book club, either. I’m talking about the Rave Reviews Book Club.

“Rave Reviews Book Club,” you wonder. “What exactly is Rave Reviews Book Club?”

Book Club Badge Suggestion copy (1)

I’m glad you asked. Rave Reviews Book Club is a unique group of authors and readers joined together by a desire to help lift the indie publishing industry to new heights. Let’s face it, there are many amazingly talented authors whose work is languishing on the e-shelves of Amazon.com, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, and other internet outlets, never to be read or even acknowledged.

This is where Rave Reviews Book Club comes into play. It’s a simple concept, really, one designed to benefit member authors. Here’s how it works:

An author joins the club. This author submits the title of his/her book(s). Eventually, this book becomes one of the club’s selected reads. Fellow members purchase copies of the selected book, they read it and post reviews on Amazon.com, Koobug.com, Goodreads, Barnes&Noble, and any other site that accepts book reviews.

The author benefits from sales and reviews. The reader discovers new favorites.

Each member agrees to buy, read, and review at least four (4) of the selections over the course of the year. Think about it; that’s just one book every three (3) months. Easy enough, don’t you think? Promoting indie authors is the primary goal of this growing membership.

Rave Reviews Book Club even offers prize giveaways, Twitter support, and a weekly Author Spotlight blog tour.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, just visit the website for further details on becoming a member yourself.


And don’t forget to tell them Beem sent you!

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